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Two And A Half Men
Episode   Date   Time   Network
"Corey's Been Dead for an Hour"   Monday, November 20, 2006   9:00pm et/pt   CBS
"The Squat and the Hover"   Monday, October 24, 2011   9:00pm et/pt   CBS
Everybody Hates Chris
Episode   Date   Time   Network
"Everybody Hates Bomb Threats"   Friday, January 30, 2009   8:00pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates Snitches"   Friday, November 14, 2008   8:00pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates Graduation"   Sunday, May 18, 2008   8:00pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates Gretsky"   Sunday, August 3, 2008   5:00pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates Blackie"   Sunday, February 24, 2008   7:30pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates The Buddy System"   Sunday, July 8, 2007   6:30pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates Malvo"   Monday, October 30, 2006   8:00pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates Keisha"   Sunday, September 24, 2006   5:00pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates Greg"   Sunday, January 26, 2009   2:00pm et/pt   CW
"Everybody Hates The Gout"   Appear in deleted scenes on The First Season DVD
That's So Raven
Episode   Date   Time   Network
"Pin Pals"   Saturday, August 2, 2008   10:30am et/pt   ABC
"The Way We Were"   Monday, January 19, 2009   12:30pm et/pt   Disney
House M.D.
Episode   Date   Time   Network
"Moving the Chains"   Monday, February 1, 2010   7:30pm et/pt   Fox
Boston Legal
Episode   Date   Time   Network
"Attack Of The Xenophobes"  

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

  10:02pm et/pt   ABC
Episode   Date   Time   Network
"A Divorce To Remember"   Tuesday, November 6, 2007   8:30pm et/pt   ABC
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