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"[The] actors are uniformly outstanding, creating crisply detailed characters and making for exemplary ensemble viewing...Shon Little as the Harpo Marx-esque sidekick"
— Dany Margolies, Back Stage West


"There are memorable turns from Shon Little as a blithe, snotty Ghost of Christmas Past"
— Brad Schreiber, Back Stage West

The Unsinkable Bismarck

"Shon Little's Capt. Lindemann and David Reynolds' Adm. Lutjens are uproarious cable-ready clowns. Sitcom casting forces should book passage now"
— David Nichols, Los Angeles Times

"Little is a standout among his comic peers"
— Wenzel Jones, Back Stage West

"Little and Reynolds share the funniest moments"
— Miriam Jacobson, LA Weekly

The Mystery of Irma Vep

"Little brings just the right air of confused petulance to Enid and is very funny as tomb-excavation expert Alcazar"
— Terry Morgan, LA Weekly

My Ass

"Written and Directed by Shon little, will make you laugh your pants off"
— Shannon Smith, Columbia Spectator

"Shon Little, tickled the funny bone"
— Jeanette Toomer, Back Stage

"The monologue by Little was played to perfection"
— Andrés J. Wrath, The Off-Off-Broadway Review

Laughter On The 23rd Floor

"Little plays the tortured genius with superb comedic flair and timing"
— Sarah Thorndike, Whiteside News Sentinel

"Shon Little is the perfect lunatic"
— Ben Hoyle, Journal-Standard

"Shon shines in Neil Simon's play"
— Kimberly Allen, Sauk Valley Daily Gazette

"Little is perfectly right"
— Ruby Nancy, Quad-City Times

"Shon does this performance real justice"
— Ellen Ketelsen, KROS Radio

The Foreigner

"Shon Little is very funny"
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Little settles in with an incisive interpretation of Charlie. The role requires stunts, vocal gyrations, facial expressions and sentimentality which he masters"
— C. P. Pecoraro, Chicago Sun-Times

Comedy of Errors
"Shon Little and Michael Emmett Piotrowski yield up great laughs as the rubber faced twin servants"
— H. Lee Murphy, Chicago Tribune
Rat Dog And Princess Toad
"Shon Little is essentially, Robin Williams—Little does great things with the role, and is unanimously the favorite of our panel of critics"
— Rick Moser, Pioneer Press
The Woman in Black

"Shon Little is absolutely extrodinary"
— Sarah James, KCLN Radio

"Shon does a very moving portrayal"
— Ellen Ketelsen, KROS Radio

"The performances of Maher and Little are excellent"
— Jim French, Journal Standard

"The sense of timing and delivery is what shapes this thriller into a wonderful experience"
— Tim O'Brien, Sauk Valley Daily Gazette

"Little pulls it off with apparent ease and absolute believability"
— Ruby Nancy, Quad-City Times

Robin Hood
"Shon Little turned in stellar performances"
— Tim O'Brien, Sauk Valley Daily Gazette
Beau Jest

"Little is simply fun to watch"
— Tim O'Brien, Sauk Valley Daily Gazette

"Both Little and Shilling have extremely expressive faces and use them to great effect"
— Sarah Thorndike, Whiteside News Sentinel

"Shon Little does an exceptionally good job"
— Ellen Ketelsen, KROS Radio

"Shon Little keeps the audience laughing"
— Bill Beard, Belvidere Daily Republican

"Several of the supporting characters also make their mark, including Shon Little"
— Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times
All My Sons

"A strong cast"
— Bruce Ingram, Chicago Sun-Times

Director Quotes

"I would definitely consider working with Shon again. He is hi-larious!"
— Ransom Riggs, Director, Nobody

"Shon's stuff is so good and so funny. Everyone who sees it loves him."
— Adam Stein, Director, Hot Java

"One of the most versatile performers with whom I've had the pleasure of working. Be it comedy or drama, Shon Little always brings something magical and memorable to every role."
— Brad Lyons, Artistic Director, Timber Lake Playhouse [Brad Lyons has cast Shon in 14 roles (11 leading) at 3 theatres]

"He is a talented actor, having developed his craft over many years of plays and independent films. Shon has a subtle way of adding a unique part of himself, when fully engaging in character roles."
— Randy Warren, Director, Art Sells

"Shon Little is one of the most talented actors I have ever directed."
— Michael Schuppe, Artistic Director, Stage Door Theatre

"I have had the terrific pleasure of working with Shon Little, who is a uniquely gifted individual. There is a natural ease and quirky simplicity in his persona which is both warmly engaging and oddly beguiling. In addition, his work ethic is strong and his craft is solid."
— Michael Colucci, Director, Actors Workshop

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