Jodi Shilling - My favorite actress

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) - Union for film actors

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) - Union for TV and radio performers

Actors' Equity Association (Equity) - Union for stage managers and actors

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - Movie Information Database

Betty & DD - My web series

Relevé Studios - Our studios

Mobile Magic Studios - handheld mobile media entertainment

Vox Humana - My theatre company

Dogs On Fire - My sketch comedy group

Punch The Kitty - My sketch comedy group

Jet City Improv - My improv pals in Seattle

BADD - Bel Air Drama Department

Cricket Feet - Bonnie Gillespie Casting

Kelly Stables - Actress friend

Ashley Drane - Actress friend

Jude Prest - Actor friend

Keith Bowden - Director friend

Cory Edwards - Director friend

Mark Atteberry (Idyllic Photography) - Photographer Friend

Cricket Feet Inc - Friends: Bonnie Gillespie & Keith Johnson

Blue Yonder Films - Director friend, Cory Edwards, film company

Hoodwinked - Movie made by Blue Yonder Films

Catherine Gaffney - Actress friend

Sean Gaffney - Writer friend

Fellowship! - Very funny musical parady of Lord Of The Rings

Michael Rayner - Comedian friend

Blank Theatre - I'm a member of their Living Room Series company

Joe Camareno - Actor friend

Leslie Channon - Actress friend

Bill Chott - Improv friend

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