My Ass

"...Shilling's audition piece was laugh-out-loud funny."
—Andrés J. Wrath,
The OffOff-Broadway Review

"The chemistry among the what really makes this absurd comedy click."
—Shannon Smith, Columbia Spectator

"[There were] some bright performances in this character-driven comedy."
—Jeanette Toomer, Back Stage

Jest A Second

"Jodi Shilling does it up great in her very pregnant stage."
—Ellen Ketelsen, KROS Radio

"[Jodi Shilling] has some good punch lines in the show, and delivers them well."
—Jim French, Journal Standard

The Secret Garden
"Jodi Shilling had some nice moments as a school official."
—Jim French, Journal Standard

"A special note of praise to Jodi Shilling and Elisa Carlson, who Choreographed..."
—Tim O'Brien, Curtain Calls

"[The Kit Kat Club] dances are striking."
—Ellen Ketelsen, KROS Radio

"The dances, choreographed by Elisa Carlson and Jodi Shilling are vibrant..."
—Sarah James, The Eagle 94.7 Radio

Beau Jest

"Shilling plays the uptight Sarah with panache... We know from seeing her in Blues In The Night that she is a dancer, a gifted dancer... Both Little and Shilling have extremely expressive faces and use them to great effect. Just minutes into the show, they drew laughs with just a look. Beau Jest would be worth the price of admission for these two alone."
—Sarah Thorndike, Whiteside News Sentinel

"Equally entertaining is Shilling, who masterminds this idea."
—Tim O'Brien, Curtain Calls

Blues In The Night
"Well thought out choreography complimented many of the vocal performances..."
—Maisy Fernandez, Journal Standard
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